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Developers today must adapt to rapid tech changes while maintaining efficiency and resiliency. However, traditional application development methods can be slow and costly, hindering quick response to customer needs. Integrating new tech into existing applications also poses its own challenges. 


Sayura solves these challenges with an intuitive portal for creating API Applications, and microservices. Its GUI-based creation studio simplifies development with drag-and-drop components. Sayura also integrates commonly used APIs and databases and creates high-performing microservices for efficiency and scalability. 

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Sayura’s Product Features

Sayura lets businesses design APIs for reuse across applications, enabling Composability and making businesses resilient to change. It has a GUI-based service creation studio where developers can drag-and-drop components to create and publish an application endpoint. 

Web-based Application Creation Canvas

Our web-based service creation interface empowers you to create robust services with ease. Our user-friendly application creation studio lets you manage everything effortlessly. You can customise your applications by adding various components like input / output and functional components, along with application controllers to enhance the experience. 

Users will be able to use the already existing input / output components, application control items or functional items in the application. This in turn provides the ability to develop applications based on a drag-and-drop manner.  

Application creation canvas consists of:  

  1. Component Palette  
  2. Toolbar  
  3. Properties Sidebar  
  4. Pages Tab 

Service Execution Environment (SEE)

Our Service Execution Environment (SEE) runs on the Elixir Virtual Machine and efficiently executes application logic. SEE is easily scalable and supports containerized deployments and auto-scaling. It performs various functions, including: 

  1. Session management in conjunction with ESB channel integration 
  2. Application logic execution 
  3. Content fetching and rendering for ESB orchestration 

HTTP Channel Integration

Our HTTP channel integration feature allows developers to create HTTP services with different business logics and share them with other developers through endpoints. With this feature, developers can build API applications that capture parameters from an HTTP request, process them, and return an HTTP response. 

Endpoint Management

Sayura’s endpoint management interface allows users to specify an endpoint that will trigger the API application. The endpoint is automatically generated, saving developers time and effort. 

  1. Configure Endpoints – allows the specification of the application to be executed and the endpoint URL that triggers the application. The configured endpoint URL can be easily copied.  
  2. Search Endpoint – The ability to search for a created endpoint by name 

Microservice Creation

Deploy your API endpoints as containerized microservices to your Git repository. This offers organisations the flexibility of running microservices without depending on the Sayura working environment. 

Pre-onboarded Reusable Components

With Sayura’s onboarding portal, developers can easily upload commonly used services, making them available for reuse while developing applications. Users can onboard existing APIs, database connections, variables, scripts, and application templates to the portal. This centralised management interface for global objects eliminates the need to recreate commonly used functions inside applications, making it more efficient for users and helping to quickly launch new services. 

The following are available as global objects through the onboarding portal: 

  1. REST or GraphQL APIs 
  2. MySQL / Oracle / MSSQL Database Connections 
  3. System / Global Variables 
  4. Global Scripts 
  5. Application Templates 

Application Version Management

Our snap-based version management system enables developers to manage their applications efficiently, keeping track of changes made and creating manual snapshot backups as needed. Further, snapshots are automatically captured for each of the application update instances, and it will be stored for 3 months for later reference. The application management interface is designed for maintaining API applications used for HTTP services and building the business logic of agents created in Sayura. 

Faster deployments, reduced time-to-market - Sayura is the low-code / no-code platform you need.